Therese Droste

January 22, 2009
Obviously, the site hasn't been updated in awhile. And for good reason: It's been a tad busy around here.
To wit:
June 16, 2007: Married at Evermay in Georgetown. It was a lovely, fun celebration of life!
April 3, 2008: Graham Johnson and Julia Grace Bertele were born. Bliss. Perfection in human forms.
Come join us on our family blog.​​

The View Out My Window Washington, DC

The View Out My window The Circus Comes To Town!

Castel Sant'Angelo -- Roma


Therese Droste has spent 20 years as a health, fitness, and career writer. Her articles have appeared in The Washingtonian, Health, The Washington Post,, DiscoveryHealth, The Lancet, Reuters, and a gazillion other print and online publications.

Therese was a founding career expert for Many of her articles found a second life in syndication via numerous online television sites, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, as well as in national newspapers. Therese was a contributing author to the book, Monster Careers: How to Land the Job of Your Life (Penguin USA; 2004).

Therese has an MA in fiction and nonfiction writing from John Hopkins University, and is an alumn of George Mason University's Heritage Fiction Writing Workshop.

Selected Works
Health magazine
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Having the same bad dream over and over? Learn how to control the outcome with a few simple techniques.
11 ways to knock out stress and lower your chance of heart disease